Island Hopping – Langkawi – Unbound#11

I’m sure every soul that trips Langkawi does this. Hence it was a must. Even though I did it for the second time.

This is the trail that we followed, sort of.

Started by visiting the Island of Pregnant lady which has a fresh water lake right at the center, that is where I learnt swimming in 2009. Yes, I learnt swimming by jumping right into the pond and saving myself.

Beware of the monkeys at this place. They can mob you, rob you, scratch you and even scar scare you forever. Just don’t carry bling bling bags and KEEP WALKING.

Next up was the Eagle feeding Geopark area, it’s quite inspiring to see how eagles feed themselves. The way they soar high and then pounce on their preys. Incredible.

Up next, the Coral beach. Why coral? You will realise, when you start swimming there. Didn’t really swim here this time, way too polluted.

But the best part I guess was making new friends. Met two amazing French girls, might see them again in KL.

Overall, being dragged in the middle of the sea with China made life jackets and kerosene run jettys is fun.

Must do!

Our tour was hosted by Tshoppe Group. 35 MYR including paddle boat pregnant lady lake.


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