The Mindvalley Inc – A dream company – Unbound#8

Heard about this amazing company called “Mindvalley” if not? Then you need top up your corporate GK.

In Silvia’s words, “Mindvalley is a company that aims to push humanity forward”. For me, Mindvalley is a company where one can perform to the best of his/her levels. The company culture is mind blowing.

Now, let me tell you, I’m not hired to blog about them, I’m doing so because I was at their KL office on the 4th of August at night 10:30 pm drinking wine and playing with guns and…it was legendary.


Just walking across the Mindvalley office inspired me to believe in my experience and potential; and to risk it forward in a direction towards being an entrepreneur.

Long story short. Dude, that office is awesome!


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