The Langkawi Roadtrip – Motor Biking – Unbound#10

Yes! You read it right. Yet another Roadtrip but this one, this one was special. I drove 96kms across the island.

Yes! The complete island.

We started by taking a random decision to rent a bike so we could visit the Cable Car in Langkawi. Soon I realised with time in our side and no clouds on our head, we could do an entire Roadtrip on wheels.


First we collected a map from the nearest petrol pump( which was damn far away) and listed places we wanted to see.


Our list of destinations:
0. Tstarcottage
1. D Grill seafood cafe
2. Airport
3. Oriental Village (cable car)
4. Black sand beach
5. Tanjung Rhu resort and beach
6. Durian Waterfalls
7. Kuah town
8. Ferry terminal
9. Westin Resorts
10. Some Thai sea food place
11. Tstarcottage (our hotel)

The Map sorts looks like this…


As I posted earlier,

96 Kms of driving, 9 destinations, 7 hours, 2 people, 1 island.

More pictures coming soon…..yet another legendary experience!

Holiday 😉

Date of the trip: 6th August 2013.


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