Tripping Malaysia – Roadtrip – Unbound#1

So here we are, at the beginning of a rare adventurous trip, Road Trip Malaysia.

Of course the experience starts with entering Johor Bahru from Singapore but the best part about this trip is that there are no pre-booked tickets, no deadlines or timelines and no set agenda; just a list of destinations.

Yes, this kind of tripping is not really my style but for once I wanna be lazy, for once I don’t wanna be responsible for anything except myself that too just when required. For once, I wanna be unbound.

So for the next 10 days, I’m free.

This is the third time I’m will be in Malaysia, first time was in 2009 then 2011 and now. Yes, it sounds like a once in two years deal. I think I like it enough already to come back in 2015.

This trip is less about Malaysia but more traveling.

Stay tuned for adventures from Malaysia, truly Asia (not sure about that one hehe)


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