The morning walk – khambo#7

So, Good Morning!
We’re safe.

At night 2:00am local time we checked into a bling bling hostel called, The city garden view.


At 3:00am we had our first meal – cup noodles. (Too scared to try the local food)

My first view of Siem Reap: bling bling hotels, statues of Hindu Gods, street food, Girls driving bikes with hot legs, cheap cigarets, expensive noodles!

Then I took the morning walk at 9:00am in the water paddy streets of Siem Reap, it’s was different.
Bold women driving bikes, dropping their kids to school.
Monks walk, probably towards their temples.
Bikers stopping by to lift you. Or lift you!
Found a super market, could buy everything. Everything.
Got myself an utopian paradise haircut (Cambodian one lah) price-$3 (with tip)
Food stalls asking you to jump in
A morning breeze kissing your ears, whispering, Welcome to the City of Angkor Wat!

Next up: Angkor Wat!


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