Roadtrip Playlist – Khambo#5 – #Cambodia

Road Trip Cambodia

Road Trip Cambodia

Yes! What you see is what you see. That’s the Roadtrip scene from Phnom to Siem Reap which started at 21:30hrs local time.

But a roadtrip is incomplete without Music and just like any other road trip, I have a set playlist for the same. My playlist is a mixture of genre and generations; of albums and singles, and of vivid languages.

So here it goes:

1. Bollywood music from Cocktail, Rockstar, Nautanki Saala, Rang De Basanti and Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani (of course)

2. One Tree Hill – Roadmix – Entire album

3. All the little things – Passenger – Entire Album

4. Two podcasts of Frank Sinatra

5. Two podcasts of Dash Berlin

6. Five-Six Tiesto Club life podcasts

7. Various singles from The Doors, 3 Doors Down, Snoop Dog, Bon Jovi and Eminem.

8. My blackberry playlist which has a bunch of AIESEC songs collected over 4-5 years of conferences.

9. I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Peas

10. Guru Josh – Infinity

11. Right Here Right Now – Fat Boy Slim

12. Emotional Attyachar (Rock version) – Dev D.

I might suck at being a Dj but I very well know how to change CDs in a player. And trust me, that’s all I need.

Someone once sang, “Marjani paundi bhangra, Angrezi beat weed te”

That was Khambo number 6.


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