Drug Induced Adventures in Cambodia: Part 1-Siem Reap

Drug Induced Adventures in Cambodia.
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Ridiculous, True, and Funny

March 2010

I was getting on a bus heading from Bangkok to Siem Reap, Cambodia when I met this Australian guy named Art. Art was easy to talk to and looked a bit strung out, kinda like Kurt Cobain in his later years. He had long blond hair, pale skin, was really skinny, and wore hipster clothing. Overall he appeared like a cool guy but definitely someone who does a lot of drugs.  This proved to be true. I myself dabble in drugs, and many people would consider me the kind of person who does or has done a lot of drugs, I disagree. I’ve just tried pretty much every available drug out there and enjoy smoking pot fairly often. However, I hadn’t tried every drug out there until I spent two weeks with Art.

We spent a lot of time talking about drugs, sex, and other interesting things on…

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