10 Crazy things Julian D. would do in Clarke Quay.

(Now this not your traditional Blah Blah list, this is a Julian D. list)

Every weekend night, some real crazy shit happens in CQ – You either get to see it, laugh at it or be a part of it. Following is what you should try doing if you tired of doing you’re boring, ‘classy drinking’ shit.

1. Clarke Quay Bridge Drinking – This goes without saying but it’s a must to get drunk at the CQ Bridge. Every expat must experience this awe-inspiring experience.

2. International Pillow Fight at Cassis – Be a part of a ‘disney night’ with French women in Pajamas running after German giants. Have feathers in your everything, dance crazy in shorts, flip-flops — Let the fat Dj do the magic. He is none less than Nevile ‘Long’ bottom.

3. Drink till you die…at China One -Just like all China Products, China One alcohol is also ‘quality assured’, well that’s why you won’t die of ‘too much alcohol’ but ‘too much water in alcohol’ — But it’s still worth it. Gives you the feeling of free flow. Go at 8:00PM stay till 12:00 Midnight – Might just work for you. Getting Drunk.

4.The Fountain Prodigy: I always wanted to do this. Tried once but the fountain ‘stopped’ before I could enter. Always wanted to get ‘high’ and ‘enter’ the CQ Fountain right at the center of CQ. Someday. Oneday.

5. Go Dolly at Shanghai Dolly: Ladies night? Hit Shanghai Dolly. Perfect place to start the hunt for dollies. Free entry for Women plus 3 drinks while males waste 15SGD for a dolly drink. And there’s nothing Shanghai about that place. Just Dolly.

6. Bargain at Liang Court Karaoke Place: Now I don’t remember the name of the Karaoke but there is one on the 3rd floor of Liang Court — once 4 of us (3 Ang Mo + Me) went pretty late (1ish) to this place. We bargained our way to half the price he quoted. Courtesy: Jack Daniels.

7. Become a Bollywood Star at CQ Bridge: You can and aways will find random Indians singing Bollywood, Punjabi or Tamil songs at the CQ Bridge. Well, it’s not a part of our ‘culture’ but you see we love ‘being ShaRukh Khan’…So next time you see some Indians rambling stuff and playing beats with their bottles – Join them.

8. Ang Mo-ness: Ang Mo? Urged to do something Crazy? How about proposing a random girl to marry you? Can Can! CQ Bridge is the perfect avenue for the same.  First, find Chow (not the Hangover guy) but the one who drives his insane bike at 60KM/hr around CQ.  Ask him to play, a slutty song. Find an Asian girl (avoid Indians :P), Ask her out.

Most likely you will invite me to your marriage reception the next day.

Ya, I know, you’re welcome!

9. Fall Down 90 step stairs: Now this is worth it. Take the first MRT in the morning from CQ MRT Station (via Central), walk down the 90 Step stairs while you’re drunk, tired, passing out, sleepy and mad at the Chow. Falling is a must. Try walking in a rhythm. Dum Dum TDum Dum.

10. Meet the Godfather Guy: Stay till 5:00am at the CQ Bridge and you will get a glimpse of a guy who is a cleaner by occupation but also enjoys his Friday night (and probably drinks more than you) After cleaning the CQ Bridge, he would sit, consume all the alcohol bottles he collected from all over the bridge.  And he can play Godfather theme song on his guitar.  He is good.


— I have five more crazy things on my list but I would share them once I test ride them 😉

Read more about Julian D.





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