We Give Up; Nafisa Khan

Just read in the news, a guy in China who was described as the ‘unhappy pessimistic man’ burned himself along with a bus. Now I did not read the details so I don’t know much about the casualties or the reasons behind his actions but I’m sure no one in this world just wants to commit sins like these. They are compelled. Their surroundings compel them do something unconventional, undesired and sometimes deadly.  I know, I agree we all go through our share of pain in life and one must know how to endure pain and be strong enough to hard work his way out but the fact is, not all of us have similar life circumstances; neither do all of us have strong heads like rare. Sometimes the process of enduring pain goes beyond the understanding of its presence in one’s life and that’s when we give up.

Nafisa Khan

Nafisa Khan, An Angel

Few days ago, someone really talented gave up; Nafisa Khan (or otherwise known in the industry as Jiah Khan). Now I did not know her personally so right here I’m going to cross all my moral limits to comment on this incident. Knowing Nafisa’s superficially reality, I could easily comment that ‘why would someone like Jiah Khan do something like a suicide, she had everything she needed, didn’t she?’  

Sometimes, in fact most the times the reason of someone’s suicide is not resources, relationship, money, power or fame; though if you think about it either of these elements for sure lacks in the life of that individual but the real catalyst of someone’s suicide are/is people.  Human specie has come a long way from living in caves, jungles to suites and corporate jungles. Even though our way of living life has been constantly changing, we’re still greedy and needy of one small simple human phenomenon, attention from humanity. Yes, humans for sure are attention seekers; we need attention of our peers, of our loved ones and of the one who we care about; precisely why we rarely do something that doesn’t seek attention. Think about it; right from your facebook status, to your party invitation, to that email you sent yesterday,to that friend you helped, to gift you sent to your partner, to this blog post I’m wrote…they are all now a natural way of seeking attention.

Seeking attention doesn’t always mean someone needs to praise you or recognize you or keep you at the center of his world. You just need one person, one freaking person in the entire world that understands your one move that you executed at that very moment. It’s simple; we don’t want anything that we do, overlooked. I think that exactly is the point of humanity or living amongst a human race.

Look at Nafisa’s case, it’s not about resources; only if she had the right people in her life, she would be totally partying right now somewhere in Juhu.

But not all of us are lucky enough to have the right set people in our lives, I hope you’re.

If all Nafisa wanted was to positively impact and influence the life of that one person and to seek the warmth and understanding of the same; she has it now, from many but unfortunately it’s too late.

Nafisa Khan, You’re one shine that will always sparkle.

Rest in Peace.


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