“Rosa, My Child”

Somewhere in Aizawl, Mizoram; a father explains her daughter the essence of traveling.

“Rosa, let me advise you on something consequential about Crossroads. Amidst  your travel you will often find yourself at alien crossroads that you have never fancied before some crossroads are enchanting, buttoned up, beacon’d and restrained while others can be dangerous, haphazard, umbrous and abrupt. But your journey must go on.  You will often find beggars and usually find yourself imploring for love, you will mark this tricolor aurora that dominates your movements or vitality and obliges to keep you impervious; Be meticulous my child, it might defraud you.

At Crossroads you will also encounter mortals, don’t judge them by their cast, color, creed or sex but judge a kin who offers you a service for no cost. Don’t get intrigued by the satiny colorful cars that you see along the road, most of them are black in essence. Always give way to people who deserve to overtake, don’t be invidious but remember there is always mondo to learn. Be faithful to your co-passenger, he might be the only one who can overhaul your transport when you really need it but also remember there is always another crossroad coming up ahead along with a tenuous kismet of grappling an exceeding co-passenger.

Be patient! Crossroads can be tricky; traffic, accidents, broken roads, direction affairs you will confront them all…have faith in your essence,it might take time but you will always be able to overcome the unwanted. Believe that. Try walking down the promenade if you care to, its time consuming but sometimes it’s acceptable to go stall. Enjoy the countdowns. Listen to Music. Whatever you do, make your travel an offer that no gypsy can refuse.


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