The Lost End of Julian Dalbert.

Past two weeks have been quite agonizing. Not because I had too much to drink or too much to work at office but because I had lost a sense of direction in what I was doing. This indeed was frantic; more like those times when women undergo emotional breakdowns. It was scary.

The obsolete reason of this ‘unplanned periodically’ behavior was Julian; The Manifesto. I had no idea how I want to put an end to these series of thoughts. It was almost endless; like the free flow of alcohol at China One in Clarke Quay.

I have tried to use my own writing style (termed as “Broken & Lost”) to construct this Julian’s Creed. Being lost; was the most simplest of the learning that I received while constructing this Manifesto. Talking about being lost; I still have no idea of “How it’s going to end”; the fact is, to such a profound concept, “thought” there is no achievable end.

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