There is something about last night that you should know…

Dash Berlin Party

Something EPIC happened today in the afternoon, I found myself passed-out on my bed; I couldn’t feel the hangover, well I am assuming I slept all morning so no hangover makes sense. I was still in the same clothes from the party last night. And trust me; I had no clue of how I ended up like that. The next question that boggled my head for a while was how did I reach home? Who dropped me? After a while of commonsensical brainstorming, I came up with a prodigious mind boggling question.

What the fuck happened last night?

I was scouting for my Blackberry hoping that it might give me some hints about my crusade last night. I noticed I still had the ZoukOut party band on my right hand, I was almost about to break it open but there was something about it…I kept looking at it and forthwith it spoke…

There is something about last night that you should know…

For some reason I did not question the possibility of a hand band talking to me; my eyes were staring right at the center of the band and the band was glancing right back at me.

He started articulating again, Gaurav, there is something you need to know about last night

what would that be?  I trembled.

Do you remember what you did with that young Chinese girl?

Chinese girl!!! What did I do? It can’t be that bad. Could it…?

Gaurav, what is the last thing you remember?  With that question, he almost shook my reality.

Ummm..I remember putting up a Facebook status from my phone…

Which one are you talking about?  He indeed was having fun while I was trying to recollect bits and pieces from the stock of faint memories I was left with.

Umm…Calling an Indian ‘drunk’ at a party is like calling a fish wet? That one?

Laughing out loud to my reply he said, Ah! So you at least remember something right.

Okay wait, I remember. After putting up the facebook status, I was busy pouring shots of Chivas Regal for all my friends


And, I guess I started dancing…?

Indeed you did. But is that all you remember?

I think you’re now ‘suppose’ to tell me what happened last night. Stop puzzling around.
I was capitulating all the patience I had.
You’re impatient. I should have guessed that from last night’s incident. Okay, I will start from last shred of memory you have. After serving alcohol to your friends, you continued drinking but you weren’t drunk. You weren’t high too…there was something troubling you. I have my own guesses about it. Anyways, you really really wanted to dance so you pulled all your friends into the crowd. I have to agree, you dance well when it comes to ‘clubbing’ (better than other Indians in the house at least)

so, what did I do?

Son, wait for it. It was a long night.

He continued… You were almost having the best time of your life. Having said that, I know you always…everytime have the best time if your life. 

I interrupted…Wait. Hold on. You said, I wasn’t drunk…so why don’t I remember everything?
Son, which is something you need to figure out.

What happened then?

Well, someone…I really don’t know who, offered you some alcohol…I think it was a Long Island. I think. But you still weren’t high…well, if you we’re high, you were high on music. You were high on the beats of Dash Berlin.  

After a while, say at around 2:30am your friends were tired and wanted to stay at a corner and party from there. Well, initially you did join them to be that responsible Indian but with time your patience was giving up. You wanted to Dive inside the crowd, dance your life out like you own the world.

And you did exactly that. 

You went right into the middle of the crowd leaving all your friends behind, you walked right into the place you wanted to be…you walked into, what I call the teenage madness.  You were standing at one of those elevated dance areas. Living your life out. 

Why are you smiling son? He rhetorically questioned me knowing every possible answer to that question.

 Nothing. Just that I always wanted to do that, just be on my own. Dance alone. “Live my life out”

I’m glad you did that. With that smile of yours, you made me recall my days of youth. 

Glad I did, I asserted.

Anyways, you were dancing at your best, just like any Bollywood star of yours. Meanwhile, your friends wished you goodbye and you did the same. Knowingly yet unknowingly you were left alone in a club full of strangers. And you loved it.

You continued being yourself and continued gaining attention around you. 

Attention like women?

Of course. They had a Bollywood guy dancing.

Hahaha, indeed…

I think initially, you started enjoying the crazy dance moves around you.  Even the Grind…

That girl, she must have been 20 or 21 tops. And she was all over you. Not to forget, you were all over her too. 

Let me finish Son. Both of you were dancing as if you knew each other since ages. Her friends offered you more alcohol but you refused. I think they offered you gin. This went on for some time; with the beats and light sparks in the house both of you we’re getting closer and closer. There we’re at least 4-5 times I thought you were almost going to kiss her. 

It was hard on her for you not being so easy for her. With time both she and I started to realize that you were least interested to move on with any moves. Soon, the more ‘closer’ she came, the further you got. 

Well, this was bound to happen, she walked away…

Leaving you behind; and trust me son, she was pretty. Pulchritudinous. 

I really don’t know why you did it…but it felt as if you broke her heart. Well, the drunk heart at least… I don’t want you to tell me, I know you’re an artist of life. And an artist’s heart has a reason with an art unknown.

I asked him in the heaviest of my voices, Hmm…What else did I do last night?

Well apart from all this randomness and profound decision making, you met Julian. 

 Julian D..? 

Yes, Julian Dalbert

Woah! What did we talk about? Did we have a drink together?  Did we? 

 Well, all that is something between you and Julian and you should ask him about it when you meet him the next time. 
I was working hard to recall my interaction with Julian last night, there was no way I can simply forget our conversation. Before I could even catch hold of one memory of us being together, the speaking father like band interrupted me again…

Son, I have a small question…I hope you don’t mind answering. What is love to you? 

For the next few seconds, I was just looking at my pale window sill and smiling (or trying to smile)

Ah! I got my answer. You know you don’t have to say things to me. I get it. I get them. It’s okay. Believe. It’s out there. It will happen soon. Much sooner than you think. 
The evening Sun just swayed by my face through the window while the sea breeze rendered past me creating that calm sound of belief.

Do you want me to complete the night for you? He said.

Taking humble approval from the gesture of my nod, he continued,

So it does not get complicated anymore, you continued dancing till the last song of house was played. Sometimes I would find you dancing with random groups but mostly you were dancing alone. After that last song was played, you stood on the elevated area for a while, looking around with your hands on your waist and having those profound thoughts in your head.

You were amongst the last few people walking around in the club, chilling.

You walked out of the club at around 5:35am. You started walking at some random direction, first I thought you were looking for something or following someone but then I realized you were walking to the nearest bus stop that has a direct bus to your house. That’s actually smart, you save money for tomorrow’s beer.

And then, without passing out in the bus you came home, somehow managed to open the locks of your door, untie your shoes and crash.

That’s about it. That was your first clubbing night in Singapore.

I knew I had a good time, I always wanted it to be like that. But there was still one thing still puzzling my mind.

So, why is it that I don’t remember anything?  I argued.

I think you do remember everything. If you’re really forgetting something then that would be your habit of talking to yourself. You wanted to unfold the awe-inspiring memories of last night; you wanted to talk to someone about it. You found me as connect or so to say companion from last night and hence you created me, a talking party hand band.

I know I know. It sounds complicated. But Hey! Even simplicity is the biggest complication. So it’s okay. I guess or wait, you guess.

Don’t think too much. But also don’t forget to Believe. I hope to see you soon. Goodbye.

Even as the reality unfurled right before my eyes, I uttered, “Goodbye”.

Hey! By the way, do you remember which song was the last song of the night?

Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child
See heaven’s got a plan for you
Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now


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