Julian’s Writing Style

The peerless part about writing is not that someone is going to read it; it’s that idea that develops in your crest and your ability to assert the same.

Before I met Julian in August 2012, I was little perplexed about what writing utterly meant; I always thought writing was about creating a tribe of your own, writing for them or writing something that will bring forth change in the world. Julian was not interested in either. Nevertheless, he taught me ‘his definition’ of being a writer and hopefully, I will be able to write something keeping in mind those annotations.

I have been reading (& following) Julian’s notes (writings) since August 2012. His writing does not inspire me. Well, I read Ruskin Bond, Robert Louis Stevenson & Tennessee Williams; Julian can’t be blamed for his inexperience (nor can he be compared to any of my Shangri-la writers) but then there is this something about his writings that makes me appreciate it. And I wonder what that is?

Anyways. I am not sure if Julian would ever become a professional writer.

Nevertheless, I hope his writing satisfies his need to write and his want to express. I hope he does good in life.


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