To make you happy; Singapore.

Everything is near yet so far;
Business is a religion at par.
Millions of different cuisine in fame,
yet most of them taste the same.

Things go ‘bonkers’ here,
if not they are dodgy.
Plus you have a place called Kranji.
Doesn’t it all sound like Jumanji?

You have to own a classy headphone;
while if you are educated, you have an iphone.
Most of us think we run the world,
Every dog, every pet has his hair curled.

Where Oil and Alcohol have the same price,
Running in Bishan Park makes a man wealthy and wise.
Tourists here call it a ‘fine’ city,
be careful with that oral it might get witty.

We don’t greet. We don’t holla;
But to your surprise most of our sentence end with a ‘ lah’.
To children and elders we always offer our seat;
“Oh my God! The city hall girls are so sweet”

Whatever it is, for now is my home,
will respect and treat just like my own.
The tunes and beats mostly get tap-py
Well, this country’s Goal is to make you happy.


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