Contemplating on IT Infrastructure?

Are you a Social Business? Entrepreneurial Start-up or an NPO? 

Start with a FREE Content Management System for your organization.

 With a germinating increase of the ‘need of IT Infrastructure’ in entrepreneurial businesses, not-for-profit organizations and social business organizations, there is an urgent need of innovative yet cheaper solutions to support the same. Working in an NPO for over 5 years, I understand the need of such ‘information infra systems’. I have always wanted a platform that could:

a)    Be an ‘encyclopedia’ of the organization and could contain details of every event or transaction.

b)    Display the open information of members, customers etc

c)    Act as employee profile manager.

d)    Manage publically shared information about processes, products.

e)    Be edited by a special group of people or even anyone.

All these tools are very much available in market as ERP, B2B, Business intelligence and Business solution tools but these tools will no way fit into a small sized mini budget of an entrepreneurial startup or a social business. Hence most of entrepreneurial CEOs and social business heads choose to neglect ‘IT Infrastructure’ that could really boost their businesses.

Solution: Mediawiki

Originally created for Wikipedia only, MediaWiki is an open source PHP-based wiki engine now used to run thousands of sites (of Wikipedia). It is officially classified as a content management system. It is a FREE to use platform and as an organization you would only need to invest on ‘Server System’ which for a small business could even mean a ‘Normal Desktop PC’. You could run the server (apache using xampp etc) locally (on any machine on LAN) or have a dedicated server for the same.

There is no need to HIRE a PHP programmer; any user (or all users) could act as the content manager for the same. It is a simple to use content management system. Complete user support can be found on the Mediawiki Homepage.

Mediawiki can act as a propitious initiative towards the formation of a successful organization. Let’s put it to use.


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