Being Indian in Egypt >>The Bargain Prodigy

Ever wondered what ‘being a king’ meant in Egypt back in 325 BC? Well it meant you living a luxurious life in an awe-inspiring architecture with at least 300-400 beautiful wives. Moreover, once you die you will be concealed at a place which will still stand tall even after 2500 years of madness.

Being Egyptian might mean being royal, but being Indian means being ‘financial smart’. It was the 2nd day of our Luxor experience and we decided to take a Hot-Air balloon ride over Luxor. We scanned the city of Luxor for the cheapest service provider; but the cheapest was still way over our budget. The normal cost of a early morning hot-air balloon trip costs around 380EGP per head; we could not spend more than 200EGP.

Our next step was pretty simple: Bargain – We entered a random booking  counter and started requesting details of the trip (including prices), we almost made a deal…when suddenly we realized (make believe effect), we were real short on cash and Oh! our cards were already not working. (We were doing it the Indian way) – We started bargaining, requesting the person to cut down a little..we gave him many reasons to do so;  we were students, we were traveling on our savings, we were not a couple and the best one  was we were Indians.

I am not sure if this is completely true but everyone in Egypt happens to know ‘Amitabh Bachan’. That too was a part of the bargain. You see we were from the land of Amitab Baaachhan!

After almost 45 minutes of negotiations, few calls & smiles. We succeed to bring down the price to a 220EGP, well the extra 20 was manageable. Why won’t it be? We are Indians.

We obviously enjoyed an awe-inspiring balloon ride the next morning.

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I went to Egypt for an AIESEC CEED. Click here to know more about AIESEC.

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