You might be Rose, I am *Wait for it* a Cactus.

The grass in my garden is all green, 
even the flowers seem so happy, remind me of Charlie Sheen
Creepers run along the fence, tangled together, becoming the wall's defense
But here I am on a table, scribbling all I can
Thinking Bawdy and trying to be all Insane. 

Did I make the same mistake twice? 
The thorn, it seems to be the perfect person for an advice 
Even though he is ugly & sharp, hes still the wind to the harp
This is on the nose what makes me envious to the Rose
With a blink of an eye, can be with whosoever he chose

The last time I looked at him,Yes the rose, he was grinning at me with a yellow laugh
thy leaves so well planned like a scientist's growth graph
Makes me marvel, wish I could be like that rising one
But Wait! It makes more sense if I compare myself with that corner cactus
Not a rising star but one of those B Grade bollywood actress 

I stood up, pushed away the chair in utter sadness as the escala's escalating music raised in my head,
Someone told me once all the stories in world are already written and well read.
Just then I saw the firefly passing by, black wings, grey body and a luminous tie
It seemed as if it spoke to me in some language which I think was Greek
"The Cactus you see, is the smartest of all Geeks" 

Amazed with what he said, I started walking around 
and just then when I was about to give up on thought, it came like an ultrasound
How could I be such a dolt? It was simple, Should have been in my head by default
Our Mr. Corner Cactus is the independent one so aware
He keeps all the food & water saved with him at the time of despair
This is who I am, not the shiny one, but the one with a rare talent 
I don't need your money, food or the water in gallons see,I can live on any soil that I am sown
I don't need no support, I have a shape of my own
Wait for it...Come back...Look at me, WHEN I am all GROWN. 



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