Could Failure be the reason behind your happiness?

I think I can innocuously assume that we all believe in living a happy life, we believe that happiness comes from success, achievements, rewards, recognitions and from relative match of dreams, expectations with real life.

On the other side of the linear perspective, sometimes happiness doesn’t come from money or fame or power. Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family. And from the quiet nobility of living a good life. Regardless, The Pursuit of happiness is a part of our everyday lives and we acknowledge that.

But could a Failure be the reason behind happiness?

We generally relate failure with hope, experience, learning, luck, patience etc but not happiness. Could failure or failing also be a hobby? I tweeted this in the afternoon today, quite a number of RT’s & Favorites this tweet received.

And I think its true as well. If you look at a story of any successful person (HERO) – He for sure has faced failures. In fact most of the times its the whole ‘concept’ of failing which has lead to his success later in life. It is in the human DNA, we like drama, we live on our emotions. And a story with ‘failure & success’ both will have more dramatic & emotional factor attached to it.  The famous novel – The Heroes of Thousand faces quotes this: “Why Stories? Because the soul’s way of communicating is to teach”.  If this indeed is true, then I really see Failure as very strong methodology of teaching & preaching.  And apparently we as humans love preaching don’t we?

So can Failing be a hobby?

I think it can be. The entire roller coaster emotional & dramatic ride from a successful moment in your life to a failure and again rising back up to be successful can be addictive for sure.  And this for sure will create a hell of a story.

There are many factors which accompany failure: Hope, Support, New Challenges, New Targets, New Motivation and most important a New Reason to Believe. Trust me, each of these can individually be so addictive that just having them in life could cause happiness.  Don’t we feel special because of the support we receive from our dear ones after a failure?

We love having this ambitious feeling of being motivated to achieve new challenges, new goals because we found a new objective for life, we found hope, we found a reason to believe. And this reason to believe is enough to make us happy. On the other end, failing does not cause much damage. Yes it makes you sad, yes you did lose something may be everything but you also know you failed only because you tried and the best part about that is, You can try again.  I recently failed in something I wanted achieve and all I am doing right now is making a story out of it. I personally believe that the success factor behind a greater success in life is a failure that you were able to overcome.

George Bernard Shaw once wrote: There are two tragedies in life: one is to lose your heart’s desire, the other is to gain it.  Clearly, George knew failure & success are both milestones in our life, the tragedy occurs only in the way we look at it.

–Gaurav Julka.
A Story of my Own.


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