How well do you know your Celebs?

I was posting some random questions on twitter and it was damn fun, Thought I should write them down in a blog post. Try answering as many as you can. They are simple indeed. 40 Questions to Glory 😀

1. When you look down in a Pit and see a bull running around, what do you call it?

2. What happens when a Tailor buys a the car Maruti Swift?

3. What happens when a diamond very brittle, becomes tiny and then is thrown by African habitats for hunting?

4. What happens when a dog goes to Mars?

5. What happens when you shoot an ad for Link Locks at a park?

6. What happens when you are a blacksmith and writing your final will?

7. What happens when John lets a scar on his son?

8. What happens when a guy Mad over Donuts says “Na” ?

9.What happens when you drag a bull in Sand and lock it up?

10. What happens when Ethanol falls on a hunter?

11. What happens when Rat climbs a cliff and falls diagonally? #Lameness

12. What happens when your Robot’s Son eats the entire patty?

13. What happens when a free man Mortgage’s himself?

14. What happens when you walk on Al-Azam street in cairo and dream about walking in Sicily (Italy)?

15. What happens when a Knight starts acting like a Pirate and says, “Kya Kaheh raha?”

16. What happens when you jump into a deep pond located in Johannesburg?

17. What happens when your brother takes you out to eat naan and the fork on the table pierces your skin?

18. What happens when a Demon eats away your welcome mat?

19. What happens when you play Dave on your PC, Eat Ham and drink Becks?

20. What happens when your Mom makes you share your power with Ria?

21. What happens when you buy a Wall from D-Mart and put it right after the God?

22.  What happens when the famous scientist Joule decides to make robot? via @touchapp

34. What happens when you go to a Loo in a circus and end up drinking Hot Scotch? (TV Drama Character)

35. What happens when you travel a long journey just in one min?

36. What happens when Nicole Kidman ends up in a Cage? #Lameness

37. What happens when Ali is shy and looses his keys?

38. What happens when an Indian Girl Megha wants an Animal name? #RunsAway

39. What happens when a Chinese Barber cuts your hair just in a minute?

40. What happens when a son fixing a 100 Watt bulb gets an Electric shock and shouts “Eh Maaa”?


Answer them with numbers 🙂



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