Six awesome Facts about Vadodara!

1. Baroda’s History goes back to the early ages of Indian history, 812AD.

2. Baroda has had amazing names like “Chandanvati”, “Ankottaka” – (Now called Akota),”Vatpatrak” (Banyan Tree), “Viravati” -(land of Warriors), “Virakshetra”, “Brodera” (Names given by British – mostly they could not pronounce Baroda 😛 ) then we had “Baroda” and in 1974 it was given the name “Vadodara”.

3. In 1907, a small village and township in Michigan, United States, was named after Baroda.

4. There was a diamond found in Baroda called “The Moon of Baroda” The Moon of Baroda weighed 25.95 carats (5.19 g) at the time it was found. It was later cut into a pear shaped diamond, weighing 24.04 carats (4.81 g). A popular myth associated with the Moon of Baroda is that it brings bad luck to its owner if it is carried across the sea.

5. Vadodara also holds International Marathon every year. It became the first non-metro city of India to have held a Marathon of such a large scale and success.

6. Vadodara is Cricket. More than 15 Recognized Indian Cricketers have played their childhood matches at Moti Baug. While Moti Baug is claimed to be one of the oldest cricket grounds of Asia.


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