This is my Literature.

Someone once told me, ” In Today’s age there is nothing new in the world of literature that you can write  , everything is written in some form or language

Three years ago, I knew no English,
Ah! Julius Caesar in Class 10th, You wish!
I am not saying I know that language,
I know its weird considering my schooling & my age.

I’m no writer and I ain’t no poet;
Tenses? Articles? I don’t even know yet
but I remember, Once we had a bet,
The promise of writing you a sonnet

People, they have to stamp a label,
their thoughts and action make you unstable.
Fortitude in nature it ought to be,
Open your eyes and write, let the world see

Frankly, I don’t hold an English degree or major
But This is my world, My Literature!



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