What if we had Machines to make our Choices?

Have you wished – what if there was a machine where we could enter our choices as inputs, enter our conditions as inputs and some other details and that machine will give us the right solution and help us make the right choice? I am sure you did, I believe choices that we make lead us to a deterministic state of mind or a non-deterministic state of mind. Irrespective of what choices we make, we definitely achieve an output which might or might not be healthy to our state.  Sometimes a choice could directly lead to an output and sometimes it might just put you into an infinite loop of choices to make or an infinite loop of states that we go through.

Sometimes or most of the times its not the final output of the choice that screws up our mind but the states in between that we go through.

For example: when we lose our job because of a wrong decision or when we witness a failure in a relationship because of a wrong choice we are not unhappy because we have lost our job or our partner. We always know there is always another job which you can apply for or there is always another person with whom you could be in a relationship with, we are unhappy because of the states that we have been through, we regret the things we did, the hardwork we put in, the incident which lead to the failure, the way it affected the people around you, the way you emotionally reacted to such states and sometimes even the time that you wasted for such stupid things.

When I conducted the choices survey with people I knew, 70% of people who left their studies/jobs because of the wrong choices that they made are well off in life with respect to finances, position/jobs, relationship but  still regret the time that they wasted in the entire process of getting out of the feeling that they made a wrong choice.

The reason behind this is we make choices emotionally not logically and we never calculate the logical output of our choices. What if we had two logical states for every choice that we make and what if we knew what state would generate what kind of feelings in our mind.  I know it is almost impossible to predict every output of every state and of every choice but we can always try to have a two logical states as an output of choice? We can always try to decrease the number of states and create right decision making states. This will not just help us predict our condition in the coming future but also give us less of making mistakes and entering a snowball effect of infinite states of failure.

This in the logical world of IT is very simple, computer logic works on Machines, machines work on language. There is something called a Context free grammar, as the name suggests it comes with No context, it comes with no baggage. Its pure logic.

There are two kinds of logical machines – NDFA and DFA.  NDFA stands for Non Deterministic finite automata and DFA stands for deterministic finite automata.  In both these machines the final output is obtained by going through a set of states and each state has two logical outputs. Hence the end result is a logical solution/decision.

The technical difference between an NDFA and a DFA is simple, an NDFA can lead you into a finite loop of null choices which create intermediate states, causes the machine to have more number of states and more number of iteration, which in the technical field is not preferred as it will waste a lot of CPU time and energy.

To create a logical machine, the logic/grammar is first converted into a NDFA and this NDFA is converted into a DFA, this cause optimization of machine processes and delivers us a better, quick and effective output.

The problem with NDFA is that we cannot predict our next state or we cannot predict the list of states that the machine would go through. If you compare this with an emotional decision, we know that the emotional decision will have an output but we do not know what states we would go though to reach that output and even whether the output is worth the invested energy and time.

Now compare a logical decision in your life with DFA, You know your original state, you know you have two choices to make, you predict which choice would lead to what state and you also predict which state is your end state, you are unconsciously making a treasure map of states with logical reasoning behind each of them.  This would not just help you make a better decision but also help you save all your time, energy and every other resource that you would need.
—This post is incomplete, more will be added soon.


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