Rosa’s Armani Man – The Dark Red

The motor bike horns buzzed at her like horny clarinets, the street lights made her feel obnoxious, the puddle on the street reminded her of her stint last Friday in Kolkata; “Only if it were puddles of the dark red”, she whispered to herself.

With that fish like salt breeze corroding her face, she knew she was at Carters.

Following her ritual she first knocked at the doors of the local Cafe Coffee Day to procure her special “RosaPresso”. Owing to her regularity at the cafe, the cafe owner had named Rosa’s special espresso order as Rosapresso. It was large shot of espresso with tinge of Vanilla syrup and a touch of brown sugar. Rosa had discovered this genius drink while she was working at a small cafe in Lucknow.

“Only if it was the Dark Red”, she thought to herself as she received the ceramic containing Rosapresso from Anil. He starred at her eyes, it was the blood lust, indeed it ought to be; it was a Saturday night and it had been over a week since she made her last move. Anil left Rosa by herself while she sipped on it.

Like a lady she consumed it, seconds later, she knew she was ready for the night. She walked out of the cafe, took a rickshaw straight to Pali Hill. The rickshaw dropped her at the Boat Club, she walked towards the bouncer as if she was drunk, “Any guys with cute buts up there?”, she inquired. The typical Mumbaikar bouncer with a typical Indian moustache was surprised at him being quizzed like that. “Madam ji, Welcome”, he greeted her in confusion as he pulled the heavy glass door towards him.

Rosa did a double check on her dagger that was hugging the inside of her golden left thigh.

As she walked up the stairs, across the stage and towards the bar, she saw almost every man in the club giving her that greedy stare; and they all knew she was enjoying it. While she consumed her screw driver, She would occasionally smile back, wink and play with her lips as the men would raise their glasses at her. She was fishing.

After rejecting many men based on their greediness factor, she finally found a chubby fish with Armani on him. His eyes dripped with desire of her beauty, he ranked on the top of the most horniest men in the club. Right then, Rosa knew this was her man. Her fat Tuna.

“I like men with Armani on them”, Rosa expressed, as her hand ran through his Armani arms.
“If I knew you would fall for Armani, I would have got this cotton a long time ago”, he said.
“What do you mean?” She said astonishingly.
“Rosa, you remember me don’t you?”, he quizzed.
Rosa was lost, she knew the face seemed familiar but she had met so many men since she left the research facility, it was almost impossible to recall. She nodded with a confused expression.
“I’m Paddy, that creepy guy you always ignored back in our Uni days…Delhi? Rosa it’s me, we even presented a white paper together…hello?”

With a breeze from the closest open window Rosa realised, his eyes were not dripped with desire but with curiosity and excitement. Rosa wondered if she could fish a fish from her own pond, with a genuine smile she said, “of course I remember you Paddy, I just didn’t imagine I would see you like this, here in Mumbai!!”

“Ha ha, I’m here for a friend’s wedding, I go back to Kerala tomorrow so I thought I should experience the Pali hill party scene once…”, he exclaimed, excited to know the life jazz of Rosa, “so, what’s up with you?”

Rosa was not surprised by his innocence, he was after all a typical Mallu, “I’m a small screen actress and model living in Kolkata, traveling here for work and most recently I got seduced by an Armani”, she smiled. Of course, Rosa had lied.

Minutes later, Paddy and Rosa were talking university days, not even once did Paddy question her on her change of career or her sudden run away from Delhi. They behaved as if they were at one of those freshers party of humanities section back in Uni. Paddy won’t drink but Rosa was on her 6th tequila shot, now that she won’t be fishing anymore, she decided to make the most of the night.

Rosa’s alcohol intake resulted in a desirable lip lock between the two and which of course led to Rosa escorting herself to the Marriot with Paddy. “It’s okay to be the fish sometimes”‘ she whispered to herself, “…Dark Red Armani?”.


Coming soon…Rosa Fanai, The Blue Shades and The Dark Red Armani

Flight to Bagan – Enchanting Myanmar #5

So I chose to fly to Bagan rather than the cheaper options that were available like Bus,Train or A boat because I wanted to make the best of my time while I was in Myanmar.

Multiple busses run almost everyday with a cost of 18USD or 1800kyats, Trains range from 15-25USD while I have no idea about the cost of boats; but I know it takes 16days to reach Bagan by a boat while the bus takes 12hours and the train 16.

A flight from Yangon to Bagan takes 1hr and costs like 89-100USD one way, it’s expensive but totally worth it if you have less time in Myanmar.

I booked my flight via this really nice travel agency,

The agency will give you 5% discount if you refer my name and this blog. They are also real nice people who do not try to cheat you but simply sell you the best option.

Now let me give you a headsup about the Myanmar flights, they are damn small planes and you barely get leg room or enough luggage space, try to check-in as much as you can. At first, you might get damn scared, don’t be, the air-hostesses are pretty damn cute and they actually will give you their number.

I flew Air Bagan but im told, all flight experiences are almost the same. The most risky one is Air Myanmar (no offence).

19th Street – Enchanting Myanmar #4

Only travelers know the importance of cheap supply of alcohol while they are backpacking a country, hence it’s very important for me to blog about my drinking experience which of course was unique.

So this is YANGON, my first night in Myanmar, my friend from Austria who’s working there for AIESEC, took me out for a 800kyats or 90US Cents Mojito experience, oh yes, you read it right; 90 cents a cocktail -mindblowing (and it’s actually good alcohol).

We went to a place called Ko San on the 19th Street Chinatown (of course), they even had Malibu based cocktail for 2USD. After living and drinking in Singapore, 2USD cocktail sounds heaven.



We drank like cats on milk for hours and it only costed us like 8USD each, mind =blown.

19th street offers diverse beer options but for cocktails, Ko San is the best. This street also has amazing Asian street food, must try by default.

One doesn’t really find local girls partying on this street but if you’re lucky, you might get to join a group of girls celebrating graduation or job at an MNC.

Out of my three nights at Yangon, I was there at all three or at least we started these nights with Ko San.

Ps: Myanmar girls are damn cute.


Shwedagon Pagoda – Quick Travel Tips – Enchanting Myanmar #3

Of course Shwedagon Pagoda is a must visit, I had some really good peaceful time at the enchanting pagoda.

I almost spent 5hours just walking around and meditating at various religious spots inside the pagoda, of course I took some crazy GoPro time-lapses and Selfies while I was there.



Few savvy tips to make it things savvier for you:
1. Enter from East entrance if you can, the walk up is simply magistic.
2. Make sure you carry an umbrella
3. Make sure you have long pants else they will make you buy a 5000kyat lungi.
4. Entrance ticket for foreigners is 8000kyat. Keep the ticket with you at all times.
5. Have a seat near the “Saturday” area, it’s magistic there + free WiFi 6. Monks will try to small talk with you, so they can show you around and make you donate, just refuse politely with a thank you if you don’t require them to do so.
7. Tourist guides will pull the same.
8. People might Approach you to buy rubies and gems, don’t make a mistake of buying them, it’s illegal.
9. Make sure you see the pagoda both in the day and in the night, it’s mesmerizing.
10. People will approach you to buy random things, remember they do not want to cheat you but just sell it to you, buy if can ;)

Enjoy the Golden beauty :)


Yangon – The City – Enchanting Myanmar #2

Yangon is a pretty unique city, right hand drive cars are driven on the right side and to your surprise you will find a couple of left hand drive cars being driven as well. And ya, motor bikes are banned here. (Can you imagine, motor bikes being banned in an Asian city? Damn)

Be careful of the traffic, have at least an hour as buffer for your airport departures.


Things to do in Yangon:
1. Shwedagon Pagoda
2. Sule Pagoda
3. City Hall
4. Open Market
5. Take the Downtown walking tour
6. National museum
7. 19th Street, China town (street food + cheap alcohol)
8. Local ice-cream at downtown
9. Shopping Electronics on the street
10. Meeting really nice Burmese people






Next up: 19th St (in detail ;))

Enchanting Myanmar -The Story Begins #1

Myanmar was on my top travel radar for the longest of time. From the outside Myanmar feels a lot like any other South east Asian country but that would be a very big insult to it’s true identity.

Myanmar was on my travel radar since I was a kid, back then my mom would listen to a 50s-60s bollywood song: “Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon”, this song had a mention of Dehradun which is my hometown, it was then I decided I will go to Rangoon(Yangon) some day.

Funny I guess but means a lot to me :)

So Myanmar, I planned a 6day travel to Myanmar with a focus on Yangoon and Bagan only. [Though Mandalay, Inle Lake and the beach im forgetting the name of is a must go].

I was/will be here from 3rd Sep To the 8th. (tense depends on when I get to post this blog post)

Following was my Myanmar prep:
1. Get the visa at least one week before departure.
2. Get some meds to boost your immune system (vitamin c +zinc)
3. A pack of standard medicines for common sisicknesses.
4. You can carry your money in USD,EURO or SGD. Bagan will only accept EURO or USD. Currency notes need to crispy!
5. Prepare for rains and for long hours of exposed heat.
6. Sunscreen, even an Indian for tan here.(Bagan)
7. Book your guest house/hotel in advance at least for the first night post that you can scout for cheaper hotels.
8. Get long trousers, so you can enter all the holy pagodas, get an Indian Kurta Pajama if you want to be the center of attention.
9. Be ready to be patient and nice with people, no one here wants to cheat you, they just want to sell :)
10. Carry a small backpack and a small umbrella!

Hope the above helps, keep reading for more Myanmar updates!

God's Own Country

40 days Ago – God’s Own Country #9

A month+ ago I was backpacking this incredible state of India named Kerala (also tagged as “God’s Own Country). For most of my travels I have always written a summary blog for my trip but for some reason, I haven’t taken that train yet; so here it goes, the summary blog for “God’s Own Country: Kerala”.

The itinerary was mostly inspired from Lonely Planet top destinations and some golden suggestions from my friends living in Kerala. In terms of preparation I followed the following: Preparing for a Trip to India(most of it is applicable for women but ya).

Fort Kochi, Munnar, Backwater Breeze, Houseboat, Adira and Indian Traffic were the top attractions. (destinations)

I also did try to define Munnar in words (style) of Ruskin Bond: Ruskin’s Nature.

I also captured some amazing Time-lapse shots via GoPro (Video Blogs are also embedded below)

Video Blog Part 1 

Video Blog Part 2

My most memorable moment was when we were on the houseboat and it started raining and it literally felt like, I was a nomad, A Travel Pirate (and of course I captured it using a GoPro)

Mark Twain once wrote: India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!