So what keeps you awake?

Is it the radiant light that drips through the corners of your naked window or is it the buzz of traffic drifting across the road?

Is it the bird that mourns to validate her existence or is it your neighbor who stands a risk of being persecuted every single night?

Is it the Air Con that ebbs your room temperature below that of Himalayas? or is it it your cat that cuffs your doors with her puffy claws to announce love?

Is it the fact that you’re thousand’s of miles away from home? or is it thought of comprehending why you’re so distant at the first place?

Is it the thought of your fellow country men that haven’t eaten an inch of bread in days or is it the idea of you not doing anything about it?

Is it the thought of love that was always yours and you blew it up? or is it the thought of love that wishes to ingress your heart this very moment?

Is it the thought of your next travel that sparks excitement? or is it the memories of the past that enchant you with their very occurrence?

Is it the choice you’re going to make today or is it the decision you made yesterday?

Is it a nightmare that wakes you up in the middle of your sleep? or is it a dream that does not let you sleep?

Bagan – The Story Continues – Enchanting Myanmar #7

Biking through the Bagan Archaeological Zone is an adventure in itself. You would end up randomly biking through a vast stretch of farm lands surrounding the payas and pagodas.

[Tip: Try Biking from Shwezigon Pagoda to Bagan Viewing Tower through the farm land - It's awe-inspiring]

BaganTwo days in these vast lands reminded me of the fact that there’s so much more to life than the life here in Singapore. It reminded me how beautifully mesmerizing could a skyline be without those tall skyscrapers and of how soothing the tree’s shade is under a scorching Sun.

Bagan with GoPRo

Sometimes I end up imagining how my life would have been if I was born in village and lived as a villager, could it have been way exciting that it is today?

DCIM103GOPROFollowing is a list of “to dos” in Bagan:

1. Visit as many Pagodas, Payas you can. Plan your travel well if you have less than 3 days in Bagan.

2. Sunset at  Dhammayangyi and BuPaya is a must. 

3. Sunset at the Bagan Viewing Tower is enchanting too.

4. Bike your way down to New Bagan and grab a bite a local food store.

5. Let Tanaka calm your burning skin, apply some at Old Bagan (Next to Ananda Temple or Maha Bodhi temple)

6. Climb up on the small payas located between old Bagan and new Bagan.

7. Vegetarian Lunch at the The Moon.

8. A Walk in the night around the Shwezigon Pagoda. 

9. Stop by the Irrawady River shores towards the sunset (it’s enchanting almost anytime of the day)

10. Make friends with some locals :)

Irrawady Bagan

Roots of Yesterday | Wherever I live

Somewhere the roots of yesterday penetrate the heart
Somewhere garlands get disarrayed when the thread breaks
Someone keeps a place in his heart for new things
Someone places candles of memories on his eyelashes
Though it looks like the whole world moves with me
But hidden in this heart grows loneliness.

- Javed Aktar

Bagan – The city of Payas, Temples and Pagodas – Enchanting Myanmar #6

So after that tiny scary Air Bagan flight I took from Yangon, I was at Bagan Airport late Friday morning all set to explore the rich history of an Enchanting city. The first thing a traveler would notice at Bagan Airport is the baggage collection process, you literally have to find the “Coolie” that has your bag, exchange your baggage tag and collect the same. Next up, you’ll find some smartly  dressed people chasing you to buy a “International” or “Foreigner’s” pass. It’s a must, every international traveling to Bagan has to pay a tourism tax of 15 USD at the airport, on payment you receive a credit card size pass that can be used throughout the Bagan Archaeological Zone; even the hotels are required to register you with your pass Id#.

[Tip: Buy that 15USD Pass]

Had to pay 8000 Kyats or 8USD to a cabby to reach Aung Minglar Hotel in Nyang-u where I had pre-booked my nights. I had a kick-arse SUV driving me though, that was fun.

Bagan Archaeological Zone is roughly divided into 3 zone (small towns): Nyang-u, Old Bagan and New Bagan. I wanted to make the most of my two days in Bagan hence I had planned my sight-seeing pretty well. Below is the map of Bagan, the yellow perimeter represents day 1 and red one, day 2.

[Tip: If you're planning Bagan, 3 days is perfect to visit this incredible city, obviously with an enchanting history like that, even a life-time is too short.]