So what keeps you awake?

Is it the radiant light that drips through the corners of your naked window or is it the buzz of traffic drifting across the road?

Is it the bird that mourns to validate her existence or is it your neighbor who stands a risk of being persecuted every single night?

Is it the Air Con that ebbs your room temperature below that of Himalayas? or is it it your cat that cuffs your doors with her puffy claws to announce love?

Is it the fact that you’re thousand’s of miles away from home? or is it thought of comprehending why you’re so distant at the first place?

Is it the thought of your fellow country men that haven’t eaten an inch of bread in days or is it the idea of you not doing anything about it?

Is it the thought of love that was always yours and you blew it up? or is it the thought of love that wishes to ingress your heart this very moment?

Is it the thought of your next travel that sparks excitement? or is it the memories of the past that enchant you with their very occurrence?

Is it the choice you’re going to make today or is it the decision you made yesterday?

Is it a nightmare that wakes you up in the middle of your sleep? or is it a dream that does not let you sleep?

Beautiful things in life.

Someone once said: Some of the most beautiful things in life happen to you without you really noticing. 

And isn’t that true. Some of the most inspiring things happen to you without you anticipating them; some of the world’s most incredible events happen without one predicting it.

I was lost; concrete woods, I thought the sun will soon set leaving that question unanswered
I fell; twenty three stories down but I was not alone, four was our count, everything standard

Earlier accused of being incapable, negativity had roofed my heart and infected my brain
As we walked along; I was hoping for the sun not to set and the cloud not to rain.

Her eyes would peek mine and I would gander with awe.

Our directions; met like two north poles of two distant moons, she walked ahead, I was to follow.
That coffee; had triggered something special, unaware I couldn’t comprehend the distant hollow

Articulation; a tender sweet symphony of truth, she rolled across the panorama
Am I to ask her number? or am I to Facebook her too. Overshadowed I was, by this dilemma


Her eyes would peek mine and I would gander with awe.

Soon we reached my destination, and it wasn’t her for now
She’s a magic of art and a literature of God; scribbled in my destiny to which I bow

Some of the most beautiful, incredible, personified, unprecedented things in life happen
Without me really noticing; I added her to my vicious wagon

For now;

Her eyes would peek mine and I would gander with awe.


Tinder Tsunami

I have been peeping around into women business a lot lately; this includes trying to understand what goes inside a crooked women’s head. Now let me explain the above two statements further before it’s too late.

I have been reading a lot lately about what wild women do in Singapore; books, newspaper articles, blogs and of course watching the mind blowing documentaries.

MUST READ: Wild women do


This is part of my research to further polish the character identity of Rosa Fanai; this is also related to my NaNoWriMo Writeup for this year.

If you ask me what’s next in the world of crime in Singapore, encapsulating women, it’s Tinder.

Over the past 3 months, the Tinder membership of Singapore has grown exponentially, this is partially because of the awareness of the app and partially because of it’s “reachability”. One can already spot hookers, “hot massage services”, private dancers and underage girls while we swipes around.

One can even find them posting their numbers; I cannot have screenshot here but I will give you an example of how they post their numbers: nine3 four7 five1 Six7.
(I saw this yesterday, serving hot massage)

Now one would argue, this is precisely what Tinder is for OR in Singapore women have the right to do what they want; and I agree but with the sheer increase in number of such women, a potential risk looms over the young kids of Singapore. When women teachers here can sleep with their students, finishing a young gun on Tinder is like cutting through a cheese cake.

Women have trapped men over random ads in Singapore, Tinder still gets personal.

Now think around the married men dimension, there are so many stories of married men cheating on their wives and vice-versa (Geylang is meant for that). In this concrete world of Singapore, both the man and woman move on to better experiences, the stakeholders that suffer the most are the kids.

I appreciate Tinder but I hope there was a way to keep innocent kids
and  family men away from it.

So if you’re a man or a boy using Tinder, brace yourself for the Tinder Tsunami; here it comes!


First Blog Post – Year 2007

I always tell everyone including myself that I started blogging only in the year 2011 but that’s not true. I made my first website (published) in year 2006 and made my first blog in the year 2007.

7 years ago, perhaps like right now, I was posting my first blog on |[It's amazing that I own this header name on blogspot]  – I had no idea till sometime in October end that this blog still existed.

My First Post:

It has indeed been an awe-inspiring journey; 7 years is a long time and these years have a taught me a lot about myself (of course the world too). I think my writing has come a long way too, I’m participating at this year’s #NaNoWriMo, there was a time I was scared of English as a language (still am haha!!) but thinking about the person I was in 2007, there’s something I need to continue; the passion and determination to do anything and everything possible.

So, to make my #NaNoWriMo more difficult, I’m to write at least 65K-80K words worth of write-ups in this month. This could include my novel writeup for the Singapore NaNoWriMo, my blogs – this blog, editing work for – anything and everything that would make this happen for me. It’s about the quantity and not quality. Ummm, Let’s give our best at both, shall we?

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Audacity – NaNoWriMo Day 3

Rosa was stunned by his audacity, “how dare he? Was it even moral?“, she pondered, “apprehensive about who I’m, how could he still call me a Goddess of his dreams”. She felt a sudden adrenalin rush through her body, seconds later, she was in his arms, given in to his audacity, entwining her lips with the moist ones, the duo was adrift in a demonic obsession and lusting visible desire. It was then that Rosa attained, it was more than just adrenalin at work.

Lust, of a new kind that startled Rosa with her involuntary responses, she could feel her drip and within seconds so could he.

After intense diffusion; her Abigail was into pieces, owing to Rosa’s desperate measure to unhook the same and the sound of silver falling produced a slight vibration among the two, it was Rosa’s silver, tugged inside her Abigail.

The true purpose of an Abigail was revealed, not to keep hold of her jewels of Godly art but her Silver.

“I don’t care if you kill me later”, he whispered as his hands ran across her leafless impeccable back.

“Neat, me too”

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NaNoWriMo with Rosa Fanai

It’s time to pump up the Adrenalin flow towards the brain and our fingers. It’s that time of the year when the quantity rules over the quality, just like this post, all I wanted to share was, “Hey!! NaNoWriMo is here” which I could have done in a tweet but I’m going to go around and perhaps around it so we have a good quantity right here.

So what is NaNoWriMo? [] – NaNoWriMo is an annual (November) novel writing project that brings together professional and amateur writers from all over the world.

I tried a shot of NaNoWriMo back in 2012 but didn’t really relish the magic but this year, I’m all set to finish the race and drink up that bottle of magic.

So What am I going to scribble this year?

Rosa Fanai is not a new character in my write-ups, she is close to my thoughts and will always remain my first self-created fictional crush, that sounds awe-inspiring, doesn’t it? The change is, Rosa Fanai has now come Singapore and has been titled with the Taj of Merlion Lady.

Let’s see what colors does Rosa spray on the streets and walls of Singapore. (To be honest, I have no story plot till now, it’s a NaNoWriMo darlin)

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