Incredible Adira – God’s Own Country #8

Ever wondered, what if the girl your dreams is a waitress of a small hotel in a small city of India? Or Indonesia or Brazil?
Why not!


Yesterday, I met Adira, a calm composed, simple, shy yet awe-inspiringly genius girl. Her smile said it all, her background, her hardwork, her passion, her responsibilities, her hobbies, her choices; her life!

There was something really different about her, it was like she was unique, original; no resemblance whatsoever to anyone. I wish I could know her better.
Of course, She’s not the girl of my dreams, if she was, I won’t have just simply let her go but the fact that she resembles her so much makes me feel weak at heart!
I do wish her a great life ahead, I hope to meet her again, that is if destiny permits.

This reminds me of a One Tree Hill quote: At this moment, there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men, that war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. 6 billion people in the world. 6 billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one.

Good luck, Adira :)

Backwater Breeze – God’s Own Country #6

So eventually, we did manage to reach Kumrakom to witness the inland backwaters. These backwaters run along Kerala covering an area of 900 Sq Kms, yes that’s humongous.

The plan for 26th was just to chill and enjoy the scenic beauty around.

We checked-in at Backwater Breeze (I found this place on It’s a homestay cottage with all basic amenities. What’s amazing is it’s location, It’s facing head straight to the Kumrakom lake whike behind these cottages there is acres of Rice Paddy Fields which makes this place way more awe-inspiring. They also have a mini-farm behind which is a home to a couple of ducks, hens and pigeons.

The food here is prepared by the neighbour aunty which is an excellent cook, she made us a $3 fish fry which was almost the best fish fry Iever had.

It’s amazing how the most beautiful of all things is at the smallest and rarest of all places. Always


The Great Indian Traffic – God’s Own Country #5

Written at 2pm, 26th July

We’re taking India here; there’s no escaping the haphazard traffic. Perhaps that best you can do is rollup your car windowYuris and switchon the chill aircon.
We’re on the road since 9:30 in the morning, it’s atleast a four hour ride downhill from Munnar and yes the traffic makes it 4 hours not the distance plus its raining like cats, dogs and mouses!

But the travel’s not over yet; after we pick up the girls, our next stop is at least 2hrs away by road and I’m assuming traffic will too play its part.

When you’re traveling in India, you need to factor in the longtraffic hours.


It’s difficult to explain others why they are spending their entire Saturday in traffic but thats a part of your Incredible India experience.

This is what people of Kochi ( or Indians in general) go through everyday and the fact is life will go on, so will our travel. Here it is, LuLu Mall.

Ruskin’s Nature – God’s Own Country #4

Ruskin Bond once wrote: Great things are done when men and mountains meet.


And it’s true indeed. These hills of Munnar give me a sense of being content and a belongingness that I do not want to let go.

These hills that run from East to west remind me of Home, Dehradun.

It also reminds of the most known yet unpracticed rule of life inspired by nature.


A Ruskin Life hack ;)

Our Next Destination is Lulu Mall, Cochin City where we’ll meet up with three Gandhian female monkeys that will join us to embark on an awe-inspiring experience called Backwaters.


Until then ;)

Munnar – God’s Own City

And we started our day by taking a ferry trip from Fort Cochin to the main city experiencing an enchanting encounter with an amazing sunset.


We picked our third partner in crime, Carmen, from the Cochin Airport and headed straight for Munnar.



It’s a surreal place, incredible Panaromas, breathless aura and a memorable story to remember.

We hired a tuk-tuk rickshaw to go around Munnar. The main highlight of the trip was an Elephant ride along a tea estate.


We also did trespass on a private properly just to witness the awesomeness of Tea gardens ;)

And to end this awe-inspiring day, we entered our cozy beds to watch a movie marathon of Golden Compass, Insidious and Indiana Jones.

An incredible day ro remember but I have a feeling, we have some sheer awesomeness lined up ahead.

(apologies for the lack of adjectives but it’s almost impossible to write a blog post while standing in this lobby, that too in shorts and shivering as hell)

Until tomorrow :)

They have a problem with Selfies – God’s Own Country #3

So today I woke up to the tune my national anthem which was being at the school next door (which was indeed a perfect welcome). Minutes later Paddy was here.


We spent an entire day walking around Fort Kochi and taking amazing videos, pictures and timelapse shots on the GoPro.
I almost got a video of two snakes mating in a pond full of beautiful fishes.


Few Exciting things to do at Fort Kochi:(that we did in a day)
1. Fort Kochi Beach
2. Chinese Fish nets
3. Sea food
4. Synagogue
5. Museums (police, palace etc)
6. Jew Street (Spices market)
7. Dutch Museusm (cemetary)


And I did piss some trolls on Facebook by posting some Selfies from my GoPro but please go ahead and be all Suicidal about it!