God's Own Country

40 days Ago – God’s Own Country #9

A month+ ago I was backpacking this incredible state of India named Kerala (also tagged as “God’s Own Country). For most of my travels I have always written a summary blog for my trip but for some reason, I haven’t taken that train yet; so here it goes, the summary blog for “God’s Own Country: Kerala”.

The itinerary was mostly inspired from Lonely Planet top destinations and some golden suggestions from my friends living in Kerala. In terms of preparation I followed the following: Preparing for a Trip to India(most of it is applicable for women but ya).

Fort Kochi, Munnar, Backwater Breeze, Houseboat, Adira and Indian Traffic were the top attractions. (destinations)

I also did try to define Munnar in words (style) of Ruskin Bond: Ruskin’s Nature.

I also captured some amazing Time-lapse shots via GoPro (Video Blogs are also embedded below)

Video Blog Part 1 

Video Blog Part 2

My most memorable moment was when we were on the houseboat and it started raining and it literally felt like, I was a nomad, A Travel Pirate (and of course I captured it using a GoPro)

Mark Twain once wrote: India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!


Matter vs Time – Lucy me!

There are at least 7.3 Billion ways to perceive the dynamics of our life; who you wanna be and what you wanna do are mere strings of a larger particle spectrum

And to randomly ramble without a reason is one of them. The above is an aftermath of watching, Lucy after a day of Big bang theory marathon, clearly the geek in me is in the lead role.

I really liked the idea of infinite brain capacity and optimum usage of its capabilties, makes me go; Oh I wish. The idea of connecting Lucy’s real life actions to a human evolution storyline was an excellent idea; +7% to the director.

Although the story doesn’t really explain how she manipulates time, if time is the only scale and not any measure of  matter  then how she’s able to sync knowledge from past as matter cannot control time?
(safe assumption: she is made of matter)

Unless, after using 100% capacity of her brain, she can convert matter into time. Perhaps thats what happen in the end, she became one with time

Her last statement,” Im everywhere” does represent that.
(aassuming only time is everywhere)

Overall, an amazing movie (even though the connection of drugs with 100% brain capacity is stupid idea).

I can’t wait for a bollywood remake where Sharukh Khan eats some rare butter chicken and starts using 100% Of his brain and makes Earth the Sun.

I think I should end this before I stop using another 3% of my brain. Good Night, Fellow Matter.

Ps: This is a movie review!

“To Be Honest” – This is yet Another Friday Night [Saturday Morning]

As Julian says, “To be Honest”  [Not Julian Dalbert but Julian Tan]

Life here is a little funny, you meet people here and then
Wonder why? Is it alcohol or is the Clarke Quay or the memories of Phnom Penh
I render.
No matter where ever you be,
This little heart wants to break free

Alone, when I look at your pictures on Facebook,
I don’t miss you at all, I miss the essence of you in that bracelet (Red in color)
I render.
Time would or should say, I should be over you,
But that thought of you, that image of you – Think of a Winter Sunday morning dew

It says on the leaf till the impatient wind displaces it off the quadrant
am I your expression or are you my constant?
I render.
It just might be this particular night that I might wonder,
You’re still there, here and to that fact; I surrender. (I wish)

Math might not be the right way to display my affection
but what about you and memories of you, there’re in my heart like an art collection?
I render.
I’m not an artist and I’m not an curator
To me; my heart, you and that mistake leaves me with a significant crater

With a hope that someday I will move on to become a person you always wanted me to be,
I render.
Make me a choice, give me that option; make me an invitee.

Incredible Adira – God’s Own Country #8

Ever wondered, what if the girl your dreams is a waitress at a small hotel in a small city of India? Or Indonesia or Brazil?
Why not!


Yesterday, I met Adira;  a calm, composed, simple, shy yet awe-inspiringly genius girl. Her smile said it all, her background, her hard work, her passion, her responsibilities, her hobbies, her choices; her life!

There was something really different about her, she was unique, original; no resemblance whatsoever to anyone. I wish I had the opportunity to discover further who she really was.
Of course, She’s not the girl of my dreams, if she was, I won’t have just simply let her go but the fact that she resembles her so much makes me feel weak at heart!
I do wish Adira a great life ahead, I hope to meet her again, that is if destiny permits.

This reminds me of a One Tree Hill quote: At this moment, there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day. Others are just now facing the truth. Some are evil men, that war with good. And some are good, struggling with evil. 6 billion people in the world. 6 billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one.

Good luck, Adira :)

Backwater Breeze – God’s Own Country #6

So eventually, we did manage to reach Kumrakom to witness the inland backwaters. These backwaters run along Kerala covering an area of 900 Sq Kms, yes that’s humongous.

The plan for 26th was just to chill and enjoy the scenic beauty around.

We checked-in at Backwater Breeze (I found this place on Booking.com). It’s a home stay cottage with all basic amenities. What’s amazing is it’s location, It’s facing head straight to the Kumrakom lake whike behind these cottages there is acres of Rice Paddy Fields which makes this place way more awe-inspiring. They also have a mini-farm behind which is a home to a couple of ducks, hens and pigeons.

The food here is prepared by the neighbor aunty who is an excellent cook, she made us a $3 fish fry which was almost the best fish fry I ever had.

It’s amazing how the most beautiful of all things is at the smallest and rarest of all places. Always


The Great Indian Traffic – God’s Own Country #5

Written at 2pm, 26th July

We’re talking India here; there’s no escaping the haphazard traffic. Perhaps that best you can do is roll up your car windows and switch on the chill aircon.

We’re on the road since 9:30 in the morning, it’s at least a four hour ride downhill from Munnar and yes the traffic makes it 4 hours not the distance plus its raining like cats, dogs and mouses!

But the travel’s not over yet; after we pick up the girls, our next stop is at least 2 hrs away by road and I’m assuming traffic will too play its part.

When you’re traveling in India, you need to factor in the long traffic hours.


It’s difficult to explain others why they are spending their entire Saturday in traffic but that’s a part of your Incredible India experience.

This is what people of Kochi ( or Indians in general) go through everyday and the fact is life will go on, so will our travel. Here it is, LuLu Mall.